If you had to buy 3 items to make the cashier uncomfortable, what would they be?

Angel Luis Santiago
1 min readSep 30, 2019

Ask the cashier how expensive the condoms are, almost as if you were in a rush and did not bother to look at the price on the shelf.

Proceed to tell the cashier that the condoms are wayyyyyyy too expensive and go back and put them on the shelf.

This is where the real fun begins.

Go back and find these three items at the cheapest price you can get them.

  1. Plastic bags (preferably the smallest you can find.)
  2. Rubber bands
  3. Petroleum jelly

Go back to the front counter with these three items and attempt not to laugh as the cashier utilizes his/her reasoning skills to come to a conclusion as to why you just purchased plastic bags, rubber bands, and petroleum jelly instead of condoms.

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