Have you ever read about a historical figure who did something superhuman?

Angel Luis Santiago
2 min readSep 30, 2019

Over his 19 years of competition, he had 889 matches. Only 2 of those matches ended in losses.

Karelin was known for a move that was unprecedented at his weight class of 130kg or 286lbs, the Reverse Body Lock.

He would launch his 130kg foes through the air with a violence that terrified even the greatest wrestlers of his time.

He mastered the throw so perfectly that to this day it is still known as the Karelin Lift.

And if you think that doesn’t count as superhuman, I will tell you something about this man that will make you re-evaluate the limitations of human strength and determination.

When Karelin went to go buy a refrigerator, he elected to heft the almost 100kg object up 8 flights of stairs to his apartment.

Let me reiterate this:

Alexander Karelin lifted something close to his own weight, which is equivalent to almost 290lbs, up 8 flights of stairs. Wow.

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