A reflection on the shortness (and longness) of life

IF you really want to freak yourself out, look at the image above.

Look at it really hard.

Humans are visual creatures. Each circle is a month of your life.

A lack of meaning or a proper position in this world demands art or self-destruction until either living or nonexistence is favorable.

The artist, the most curious of these cases, exists flitting between two extremes in superposition; living to die and dying to live.

An idea without mortal form or…

A Retelling of the Greek Myth.

“A selfish goal, perhaps…” He thought to himself as the summer sun rolled over his shoulders and through his bright, blonde hair as he sat watching the ocean, alone.

“Icarus, are you ready?” Daedalus, his father said, walking up to him, concerned.

Icarus had been ready for all of his…

A man finds himself in a white room, unaware of the events to unfold.

“Twenty-seven million six hundred fifty thousand and one,” a woman garbed in clean white attire said surgically.

I felt my chest and my arms and my face and every other extremity I could possibly touch. The last thing I could remember was driving on the highway. It was terribly rainy…

Angel Luis Santiago

I’ve written on Quora for 2+ years. I enjoy writing about Philosophy, History, and other random things.

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