I took a vacation to the Pearly Gates; here is what I brought back with me

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I am a firm believer that death comes for all; mostly, when we least expect it to.

A normal day of working a summer job quickly turned into an unconscious trip into the great beyond.

“Why?”, you ask.

Well, I’ll tell you.

As someone with chronic, severe asthma, I am always at the mercy of each and every puff of my inhaler. When you lose access to an inhaler as an asthmatic, you then are at the mercy of the scythe that quietly floats…

A reflection on the shortness (and longness) of life

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IF you really want to freak yourself out, look at the image above.

Look at it really hard.

Humans are visual creatures. Each circle is a month of your life. And right at the end, there is 90 (at that point, you are blessed if you can keep going).

I’m certain everyone has had the “damn, I’m getting old,” feeling.

You know, when you realize the Gameboy Advance came out in 2001, or even for some of you folks reading this, that the Super Nintendo came out in 1991, or for…

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A lack of meaning or a proper position in this world demands art or self-destruction until either living or nonexistence is favorable.

The artist, the most curious of these cases, exists flitting between two extremes in superposition; living to die and dying to live.

An idea without mortal form or a mortal form possessed by mental chaos.

This dichotomy rules a certain type of person predisposed to feeling nothing or to feel the whole of the world’s joys and sorrows at once, like gin in a rocks glass served neat. …

A Retelling of the Greek Myth.

“A selfish goal, perhaps…” He thought to himself as the summer sun rolled over his shoulders and through his bright, blonde hair as he sat watching the ocean, alone.

“Icarus, are you ready?” Daedalus, his father said, walking up to him, concerned.

Icarus had been ready for all of his life.

He had watched the sun slowly move across the infinite sky from quiet dawns towards inevitable twilight daily, empowered by its warm light and radiant glow. …

A man finds himself in a white room, unaware of the events to unfold.

“Twenty-seven million six hundred fifty thousand and one,” a woman garbed in clean white attire said surgically.

I felt my chest and my arms and my face and every other extremity I could possibly touch. The last thing I could remember was driving on the highway. It was terribly rainy and it was nearly impossible to see the road. All of the taillights and brake lights in front of me became a sky of blinding stars. It didn’t help that I was incredibly sleepy after a long shift at work.

I wondered where I was now. The room was completely…

Over his 19 years of competition, he had 889 matches. Only 2 of those matches ended in losses.

Karelin was known for a move that was unprecedented at his weight class of 130kg or 286lbs, the Reverse Body Lock.

It was another beautiful day in the library.

My mind was ready to conquer another reading session. As I scoured the bookshelves to find something that piqued my interest, one book seemed to stick out a little bit more than the others.


The book’s title made it sound like an ancient tome that could have been owned by Merlin or King Solomon.

I opened up to the first page.

The first thing that tripped me out was the fact that all of Wittgenstein’s ideas in this book are divided by numbers, and then decimals to add on to…

It was a normal day in Personal Finance class Junior year of high school. Or so I thought.

I sat next to this guy named Nick. Now Nick was a pretty quiet guy, he usually didn’t talk much. Every day I came into class, I would usually say hello to him, but not much else would come out of our conversations, until that hellish class.

I was working on some random assignment when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bottle of hot sauce in Nick’s backpack. But this was no ordinary bottle of hot sauce.


Hank Humphreys

Hank Humphreys, professionally known as “H.A.N.K.”, which stands for “Here Always, Never Known” is a musician and rapper from Roanoke, Virginia.

Musically inclined from a young age, Hank began playing music when he was four years old, starting with the piano. Expressing his talents early on, Hank quickly developed his skills; his piano teacher quit working with him because he could play most of what he was taught by ear with little to no practice. Undeterred by his piano teacher, Hank continued playing piano at his father’s house, spending hours a day teaching himself more about the instrument as well…

Angel Luis Santiago

I’ve written on Quora for 2+ years. I enjoy writing about Philosophy, History, and other random things.

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